Gentlemen ,

It has always been my desire to communicate to the entire Al – Dossary family, managerto express my deep sense of gratitude for having painstakingly brought your organisation to its present level of operation and repute in the Construction Industry. Looking back, since its formation in 1980, Al – Dossary has provided exceptional support to the Oil and Gas Industry throughout Saudi Arabia. We are very proud of Al – Dossary’s  significant contributions to the Oil, Gas and Power Generation sectors and look forward to even greater Success in the future in its core businesses as well as through the Company’s commitment to diversification.

Our quality workmanship has been acknowledged by all our valued Clients and we for sure are making a significant headway into being recognised as “The One Stop Solution in Construction and Project Execution Business”. In order to Make This Merrily Happen, as you all know, the first and foremost need is to have an empty glass attitude, faith and belief in yourselves that you are born to win; lots of humility, coupled with discipline and a deep sense of understanding as to what this Construction business is all about. The basic rudiments of this business lie in recruiting the right qualified person for the right job at the right time and place, to satisfy the time bound contractual commitments of our Clients. 

Further, it is also imperative for each one of us to realise and utilise our maximum potential in our respective fields of expertise. For this to happen, there is only one person who is capable to set limits to your growth: it is “YOU”. You are the only person who can revolutionise your life. You are the only person who can influence your happiness, your realisation and your Success. You are the only person who can help yourself. Your life does not change when your boss changes, when your friends change, when your partner changes, when your Company changes. Your life changes when YOU change, when you go beyond your limiting beliefs, when you realise that you are the only one responsible for your life. The most important relationship you can have is the one you have with yourself. Examine yourself, watch yourself. Don’t be afraid of difficulties, impossibilities and losses: be a WINNER, build yourself and your reality. It’s the way you face Life that makes the difference.


Reminiscing the glorious four decades of sustained commitment to our business, we have learnt that in order to face all operational onslaughts with determination, dexterity and dedication, requires all your wholehearted cooperation, trust and faith in the Company and its Management. This, you have all voluntarily offered so very naturally till date, that I am overwhelmed by your collective response to the challenges we faced and overcame in the past. Every experience was a learning process and together we came out victorious with flying colours. I acknowledge and accept your collective solidarity, to march forward and create landmarks in future.

To be still going strong, even in our fortieth year of operation means a lot, especially when very many others tried a distant far away cry to make it, but in vain. These four decades, have put to test our resilience to the utmost and the bottom line is that we have attained and become a more humane, resilient and vibrant Construction and Project Execution Organisation, always finding ways and means to eke out a better style of operation and living, within the predefined socio-economic framework of this great country.

It is also my desire to ensure that this business by default, passes on to the next generation and this can only happen, if all of you put in a concerted effort now, by doing it the right way, first time, henceforth. ‘Numero Uno’ is the mantra that needs to be chanted, practiced time and again, till it becomes second nature for all of you. Then & only then will it automatically pass on to the next generation with pride and honour!

My passion for achieving and sustaining excellence has made me committed to my entire Al – Dossary team and my efforts will see a radical change in their lifestyles in the not too distant future. So now go ahead and do your best keeping the larger organisational and personal interest in mind, so that this legacy can benefit generations to come.

Mohammed Ameerullah Khan