I am indeed honoured and proud to address you all this year, through this website, commemorating chairman Al – Dossary’s foray into its 40th year of Operations. Al – Dossary was founded on the basis of pure business passion. In this age of globalisation, we continue to grow at breathtaking speed. We have progressed this far by believing in our values. Excellence, Transparency, Compassion, Honesty, Empowerment and Discipline are inculcated in every member of this large Al – Dossary family.

Truly, Al – Dossary is in the process of creating a colossus in the Construction Industry arena. This growth would not have been possible but for the determination and will exhibited by all members of this large Al – Dossary family. Needless to say, your untiring efforts will reap in huge benefits, both for yourselves and for the Company, in the not too distant future, with all the right systems in place at the right time; our march forward shall indeed be a beacon to many of our competitors.

Congratulations!!! My Dear Al – Dossary brethren, you have indeed made me proud. Your commitment has only spurred my passion to render you with the best of everything, while understanding your needs, constantly driving my Management to innovate and find newer solutions with each passing day.

The Al – Dossary phenomenon is happening and is here to stay. You just do your part by applying your full mind, body, heart and soul into your job. For us, the journey has been a long one but we see it as just the beginning of bigger things to come. Our next generation is now fully equipped to take the Company forward and to unimaginable heights. I once again reiterate that I stand committed to each one of you. Together we can conquer newer horizons with unfailing regularity, of course with the blessings of the Almighty and grow till eternity.


Nasir Abdullah Faleh Al Wadani Al Dossary